the fall's call

The fall has come and the leaves are falling
The trees are weeping down to the ground
The old leaves are leaving the trees
As they say there is a new beggining

As a tear hit the ground one should hit the road
For the ground’s been turned around by the moon

Though it ain’t easy, it should face it and go along with it
Just until it gets tired of running in circles
But any wonder if will the cycle ever stop

It has no name, nor face, anyway the blue can be seen
Can be felt as the fall’s come and the trees keep weeping
Over the ground and everything below it

They weep for the pain they feel
They weep for the rain
They weep for the change brought by the moon
Luckily they won’t weep forever
There’s weeping only when the fall comes

There’s probably something new
The beggining or the end
Which is off the fall

by Willie Mays


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