a late case of aggression on a beach of blue uniform sharks wearing shades

This is the case between a blind police officer and a very young child.

The police officer: so, what exactly is your age?

The young child: I’m twelve, Sir.

... the police officer goes straight to the point...

The police officer: and what is your gender young child, can you tell me?

The young child: mmm... I’m naked, Sir...

The police officer: what does it matter? Who the hell cares ‘bout it?!

The young child: can’t you listen to my voice, Sir?

The police officer: Just turn around, now!
I don’t want you to face it...

The young child: Sir, please...

The police officer pushed it in.
... And so was the case.


For what then everybody got to know; the case took place on an empty beach, where bathing wasn’t allowed, for there was the danger of one been attacked by a shark. There was to many sharks in those waters during all season.

The kid used to catch crabs on that beach, until that day. The day he got attacked, not by a shark, but by a police officer.

p.s. in fact, the police officer wasn’t blind. He was wearing shades and it seems that police officers get blind when they are wearing shades, and that’s a pity.

by Willie Mays


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