I don’t believe in the future
I believe in everything i think, because i think about it
I believe in good poetry when i read it and go along on the same way of thinking
I believe we should learn how to use properly the question mark (?), for it’s a sign
I believe our highest goal in life is to learn how to think and to understand the porpose of the signs
I believe life is a sign, a sign that we exist
I believe mistery is the consequence of lack of (?)’s good use
I believe in life and i believe we exist, therefore i believe in love (dig it!)
I believe life is lonelyness and i hope you follow me on this thought, because that’s the truth
Believe me; “the end” exist and it comes faster than you expect. Don’t be afraid though
I believe i’m sick, you’re sick and we all born, live and die sick
I believe life is a disease, a cureless disease, no fate
I believe in the present, for the present is now and now is what i think. The past is gone, leave it behind
If the future exist, then the future is silence (no pain), lonelyness and death
The past is gone, perhaps forgotten, but not dead
The present is now, it’s life
Well, the future is time and time is the future; the future is then, it’s about to come (ain’t it?), therefore the future is death. Wait for it!
Believe in anything you want - think!!!

by Willie Mays


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