Azerbaijan´s future: Azerbaijan deserves to be happy

I try to get back to Baku as much as possible in spite of my busy schedule. Unfortunately, it's not often enough. This year, my mother and I went back in March for a concert in memory of my father. It was at the Opera Theater. The hall was completely full. As we say, "There was no place, not even to drop a needle." It was packed and it was so, so, so marvelous

(…)The Azeri people don't wear masks on their souls. Their souls are clear-like a baby's. Azerbaijani people are really sincere. Not everybody, of course. But most of them are very open and kind-hearted. Even when they're poor, they're willing to offer you all that they have. Sometimes, they go to a neighbor's and borrow money equivalent to several weeks' salary just to be able to invite you as a guest into their home. "Eat with me. Drink with me. Enjoy dinner with me. Share what I have."


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