Aziza Mustafa Zadeh (columbia,1991) Musicians: Aziza (Piano e Vocals)
Always (columbia, 1993) Musicians:Aziza (Piano & Vocals), Dave Weckl (drums), John Patitucci: (A-Bass, 6-string E-Bass)
Dance of Fire (columbia,1995 11)Musicians:Aziza (Piano & Vocals), Al Di Meola (Acoustic Guitar), Bill Evans (Soprano and Tenor Sax), Stanley Clarke (Acoustic Bass, E-Basses), Kai E. Karpeh De Camargo (5-string E-Basses),Omar Hakim (Drums)
Jazziza (columbia, 1997)Musicians: Aziza (Piano & Vocals), Toots Thielemans (Harmonica), Eduardo Contrera (Percussion), Philip Catherine (Guitars)

(…)Perhaps it is this uncommon self-assuredness that led to her last recording with a great many fusion greats assembled to play her compositions. Al Di Meola plays guitar, Bill Evans, sax. Stanley Clarke, no less, takes up the bass while Omar Hakim drums. An astonishing group of musicians to be playing on a 25 year old's album. I asked if she had been intimidated by the company she had been keeping. "No. Not at all. In fact, I think I intimidated them a little. It took a lot of time to record and the music was very different. We had to stay up long hours and even then we recorded for the best part of a month."

(…)She claims for instance, to know Spain but she has never been there. I asked if the Spanish themes and preoccupations of her album Dance of Fire were an indication of the musical directions she now wished to pursue. "I want to record with Paco de Lucia." Paco being generally recognised as Flamenco's greatest living exponent. She claimed to know him. Naively I inquired where they had met. "I have not met him but I know him." How was that I wanted to know. I was not to be put off by excuses about it being a long story. "I think God tells me these things. I am never wrong about someone." Never? Her eyes go a little blank and for the first time her confidence is momentarily dimmed, "Only once was I wrong." I have not the heart to ask.


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