Openness II

Looking back to himself in 1967, Herbie Hancock said he was a "jazz snob" who frowned on rock and electric instruments.

« One day I came into the studio and there was no acoustic piano to be seen» herbie recalled « but in the corner thera was a Fender Rhodes, an instrument i´d never played before. So I asked Miles what he wanted me to play, and he said: "play that!" I was thinking " that toy?... oh, ok then...". I turned it on an played a chord, and it sounded beautiful, with a really warm , bell-like sound. I learned that night not to form an opinion about things you have no experience of»

« I also found out that Miles was already listening to Jimmi Hendrix and other Rock artists, as well as flamenco and classical music, and when I saw that my hero, my musical mentor, was open to these things, I changed my whole attitude»

Miles Beyond, Paul Tingen


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