Trilok Gurtu falando de John McLaughlin

I love Shakti (....) John´s a great musican though I wish he played like this now- so much soul! He´s very good with indian rhythms, which is very rare in a Westerner. We played together for five years and always got on really well.

He got mad with me once: He´s used to winning at everything he does; and we were going to have a game of table tennis, and I didn´t tell him I´d been almost a professional when I was young. And I kicked is ass! He got furious and said "I´ll get you" but i said "You won´t, man, you could play forever!" and I kicked he´s ass again!

Another time we had a difference of opinion about the music, and he said "right! I´m going to call Tony [Williams] for this!" So I said "fine. Call him and the see if you can hear your acoustic guitar!" That shut him up!

But we were good pals, little things like this happen between any people now and then.

JazzWise march 2000


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